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Canaan Cosmetics: history, characteristics, properties

Established in Israel in the 80 years of the twentieth century the Canaan company for the production of cosmetics is currently one of the industry leading firms.

Canaan - this ancient land, the eternal symbol of salvation and atonement. This land is full of unique natural resources. That is why the Dead Sea, now covering the land, so rich in minerals that help to effectively provide care to cover the skin with a regenerating and calming effect.

Today, the company owns a variety of laboratories and branches. All products, including decorative means, creams for nail care and hair care, etc. , manufactured on a natural basis, using mineral mud and other components. Natural cosmetics recipes gathered from all over the world.

Gels, shampoos, piling-gels, balms, lotions, masks, serums and other kinds of cosmetics legendary brand have environmentally clean constituent elements, without chemicals and other harmful substances.

The peculiarity of this famous brand - CSE complex, which is designed and patented by Canaan. It is an integral part of almost all firm production. In the unique Dead Sea complex are collected Healthy Effect minerals and strong action plant extracts.

Canaan Spa Trademark - introduced a new line based on the complex combines extracts of plantain, marshmallow, St. John's wort and Dead Sea minerals. This combination - the best option for moisturizing the skin, strengthening, nutrition, recovery and healing. SPA Series - products has a extracts minerals complex with rejuvenating properties that help get rid of stress and forget about troubles.

Israeli Canaan company Cosmetics helps to solve many of the problems that affect the health and beauty. It provides an inner calm and preserves the natural beauty with long pleasure as possible.

Canaan Cosmetics are quickly absorbed, perfectly stimulate the skin restoration processes. Skin is moisturized, filled with freshness and given beauty, radiance, that helps to preserve youthfulness, restore weakened skin tone, get rid of flaking, fine lines , etc.

Canaan Products – are perfectly safe and does not cause allergies. It is suitable for women of any age, men and even children can successfully use it. Skin type does not matter. Cosmetics are well tolerated by people with sensitive skin.

Today, high-quality Canaan products actively promoted in other countries. It can buy and in the CIS countries. Besides services used internet store selling original makeup. Application is processed in a short time . Prices - the best. Service - comfortable. Home delivery - guaranteed. It is possible to select a relaxing product catalogs. Range - wide enough. You can see the characteristics of the interest positions goods, find the cost , read reviews .

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